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Current Projects
  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365 Batman / TMNT issue 1's (all Covers), that comes with a PENCIL COMMISSION on the Batman / TMNT Blank!!! Each comic comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity card, verifying these are from my personal collection!
Each issue is signed, and separately bagged & boarded.
  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365

HEMAN / THUNDERCATS! From DC Comics & Mattel is finally here and I'm really excited for the warm welcome, the responce has been awesome! You can check out preview pages here, as well as some sneak peaks at Original Art here.

  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365

BATMAN / TMNT DIRECTOR'S CUT! It's my honor to announce that Batman / TMNT #1 has recieved a special edition Director's Cut prinitng, showing each page in Ink-Wash, Sketchy Breakdowns, as well as the full script for the full issue. If you're a behind the scenes WIP Art fan, like you should check it out here!

  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365 BATMAN / TMNT HARDCOVER! The full mini series (6 issues) as well as all the alternate covers for each issue, and a bunch of my sketch / portfolio work for the series all collected together into a great Hardcover Edition!
Written by James Tynion IV, Cover and Interior Art by me!
  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365 TMNT UNIVERSE COVERS! I'm the cover artist for the NEW TMNT Universe ongoing series, just announced by IDW! Check out this 11x17 print for the cover of issue 1!
Written by Paul Allor, Interior Art by Damian Couceiro, with backups by Kevin Eastman and Bill Sienkiewicz!
  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365

NEW SKETCHBOOKS & PRINTS! Just updated my online store with three NEW Sketchboks: Batman/TMNT, Warm Up Sketch Books 1&2! My All-Color Sketchbooks #1 are back in stock (found a box of them) and a new 11x17 Ninja Turtles print! Check them out here!

  Freddie E Williams II #FEWII365

The Infinite Adventures of JONAS QUANTUM From Legendary Comics! My First Creator Owned book in 10 years! Crazy adventures of the Smartest Man that has ever been born! Can be purchased digitally here: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5, Issue 6, or you can purchase the physical Trade (collecting all 6 issues plus bonus material), from Amazon or from me here!
Written by Marc Guggenheim, Cover and Interior Art by me!

All artwork copyright © 2018 Freddie E Williams II. All material is copyright © and Trademark their respective owners. All rights reserved.
No part of these works may be reproduced in part or whole, in any form or by any means, without permission from the respective publishers. Images may only be downloaded for viewing in a browser - any printing, amending, distributing or other use is, to the fullest extent permitted by law, expressly prohibited.