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THE MOVEMENT I just wrapped up the pencils and inks for issue 12 (the last issue) that'll be out in April, thank you all for supporting the series!
Written by Gail Simone, Colors by Chris Sotomayor
BRAINBOY I illustrated three 8 page short stories in Darkhorse Presents #23 - #25, from Darkhorse Comics. I'm also illustrating the Brainboy miniseries shipping in late April.
Written by Fred Van Lente, Colors by EGO

MARVEL NOW! Sketchcards I just completed more than 50 original Marvel NOW! Sketchcards, all in Ink-Wash (Similar to this one) for Upper Deck and Marvel Comics! (2014 set)

GI JOE #12, #13, #14, #15 Variant Covers, from IDW Publishing
Written by Paul Allor, Interior Art by Robert Atkins, Alex Cal, Chris Evenhuis, Colors by Steve Kurth
LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 10 page short story called "Unlucky 13" (Appearing both digitally, and in print - in LoDK #13), from DC Comics
Written by Tim Seeley, Colors by Wendy Broome
CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #6, #7, #11, #12 Covers (Painted Colors by Dan Scott), from Darkhorse Comics
Written by Joshua Williamson, Interior Art by Eduardo Francisco
Colors by Stefani Rennee
SKYMAN #1-#4 Covers (Painted Colors by Dan Scott & Jeremy Robert), from Darkhorse Comics
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Interior Art by Manuel Garcia & Bit
Colors by Marta Martinez Garcia
CHANNEL 52 A weekly 2 pg Ad/Ed column, from DC Comics
When reached for comment, Ian Sattler neither confirmed or denied that he and Freddie Williams II are writing and illustrating Channel 52
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #24 Variant Cover, from IDW Publishing... This cover has been out for months, but I'm such a huge TMNT fan, that I love having this piece on my home page :)
Written by Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman, Interior Art by Mateus Santolouco
All artwork copyright © 2013 Freddie E Williams II. All material is copyright © and Trademark their respective owners. All rights reserved.
No part of these works may be reproduced in part or whole, in any form or by any means, without permission from the respective publishers. Images may only be downloaded for viewing in a browser - any printing, amending, distributing or other use is, to the fullest extent permitted by law, expressly prohibited.